Jonathan Miller Steals Money
From Startups

Jonathan Miller Fitrepreneur Con Artist

Everything he tells you, or says he will do, is a lie.

  1. Direct Theft of Funds: Jonathan Miller deceitfully took thousands from our team under the guise of assisting with fundraising efforts. This was nothing but a well-orchestrated scam.

  2. Fake Credentials and False Promises: He misrepresented himself and his connections, charging hefty upfront fees without delivering any results, only excuses.

  3. Illegitimate Online Presence: All his online platforms, including LinkedIn and his venture capital websites (several connected sites), are part of this elaborate con. His network and websites are shams, and any requests for proof or references are met with evasion.

  4. False Educational Claims: His purported PhD from Stanford University is entirely fictitious, a part of his elaborate fa├žade to lure unsuspecting victims.

The evidence is overwhelming.

We strongly advise against any engagement with Jonathan Miller. He is a con artist who preys on entrepreneurs, causing significant financial and emotional harm. Our experience serves as a stark warning to others in the startup community to steer clear of his fraudulent activities.

“I’ll get started in a few weeks”

-Jonathan Miller, every time

Jonathan Miller fitrepreneur con artist
Jonathan Miller Con Artist Fraud Fitrepreneur
Jonathan Miller Con Artist Scam Fitrepreneur


(Using stock photos to create fake association with fitness brands.)

We want Jonathan to give us our money back.
However, at this point, having seen Jonathan do soo much damage to others:

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